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Chewing Gum Helps Oral health

Sugarless gum, first introduced in the 1950’s, can promote dental health. Helping dislodge food stuck in teeth after a meal when brushing is not an option. It also produces more saliva flow which helps to rinse away the food and plaque.

When choosing a gum, make sure it clearly states “sugarless”, and those with Sorbitol are a good choice. Always strive to avoid gum brands that are high in sugar content. Also take into consideration gumballs or gum inside of a candy (sucker). They are often too hard and can actually do damage your teeth.
Some of the popular sugarless brands today are Trident and Extra. Gum has come a long way since being introduced in 1884. It’s sugarless cousin can actually help with oral health unlike those days!

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